SYLA Emergency Action Plan (EAP) | Spring 2016

  1. Check if the scene is safe.
  2. Call 911 from a cell phone or nearby phone.

    *If there is no cell phone available, have a coach, captain or senior member of your team call.

    1. Instruct emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to “report to PBA Fields at 80 Bliven Way, Saratoga Springs off of Weibel Ave. as we have an injured athlete in need of emergency treatment.”
    2. Provide necessary information to EMS dispatcher:
      • Name
      • Number of victims, condition of victim if you know.
      • First-aid treatment initiated.
      • Specific directions as needed to locate scene.
      • Other information as requested by dispatcher.


  3. If AED or first aid kit is necessary, have a coach, captain or senior member of your team get the AED Machine, which is located in the Concession Stand.
    • Keep first aid kit up to date and with teams at all times
    • AED is always located in the Concession Stand. If Concession stand is locked, key is available. Know where the key is!
  4. First responder should be a coach
    • Provide necessary first aid or CPR until medical personnel arrive
    • DO NOT Stop CPR when medical personnel arrive.
    • Continue first aid or CPR until medical personnel give you direction.
  5. AED should stay with the coach unless medical personnel want to take it.
    • If medical personnel take the AED with them, ASK THEM WHERE THEY ARE TAKING IT.
    • AED much be turned in to Greg Griskowitz within 12 hours of use.
  6. Notify Greg Griskowitz of major injuries.
  7. Notify Parent/Guardian of injury.
  8. Complete Injury Incident Report.
  9. Follow-up with injured athlete.

The following personnel are certified in CPR and AED

  • 7-8 Boys

    Bill Brooking

  • 5-6 Boys

    Bill Curran
    Grant Rivenburg

  • 3-4 Boys

    Matt Darcangelo
    Cody Reinhart
    Sean Corcoran

  • Girls

    Heather Kurto
    Jessica Rhude
    Colleen Rourke

  • Other

    Greg Griskowitz
    Joe Hayes
    Marc Murray


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